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Danny’s End of the World Donuts

Civilization will survive as long as there are donuts and coffee. Here is an easy recipe to keep that hope alive. They are served best while in quarantine and as you eat them with your inner circle of social-distancing mates. However, if you do share them with your neighbors, be sure to use proper sanitary procedures as you package the goodies. Then, set the package outside neighbor’s door and ring bell. Step back at least six (6) feet away. 

Ingredients: (Makes about 20 egg size donuts- 1 to 10 servings)

(2) Large Eggs

(1/2 cup) Half and Half (or milk)

(1 tsp) Dry Yeast

(2 cups) Flour

(1 tsp) Baking Powder

(3 tbsp+1 tsp) Sugar

(Pinch) Salt

(1 oz) Butter

(2 tbsp) warm water

For coating: About a ½ cup to 1 cup of sugar (Cinnamon optional)

Step 1:

Utensils Needed: Small bowl. Measuring spoons 

  • In small bowl combine yeast and (1 tsp) sugar with warm water. Mix well. Set aside.

Step 2:

Utensils Needed: Large bowl. Measuring spoons and measuring cup. Wisk (or anything suitable for mixing)

  • Combine flour and (3 tbsp) sugar and salt and baking powder. Wisk thoroughly.

Step 3:

Utensils Needed: Use bowl with the dry ingredients. Pan to scald Half and Half.

  • Make indention in dry ingredients. 
  • Add melted butter, scalded Half and Half, yeast/sugar/water mixture.
  • Mix well with spatula into a ball.
  • Cover with towel and set in warm place to rise for 30 minutes (or until size is doubled).

Step 4:

Utensils Needed:

Pan to roll donuts in sugar and or sugar/cinnamon.

Bowl with paper towels to place cooked donuts after frying.

Plate to place cooked and sugared donuts

Fry Daddy (or pot) with cooking oil.

Screen Ladle to remove donuts from oil.

  • Coat two table spoons with vegetable oil and use them to slice off sections of the batter and shape into ovals about the size of a small egg
  • Cook in oil until brown. 
  • Place on paper towel to absorb excess oil (for just a few seconds) 
  • And then roll them in the pan with sugar until coated as desired. 
  • Place a paper towel on plate and stack the finished donuts.
Egg Size batter (Oil Plate also so batter doesn’t stick) The one in the middle of the plate was the perfect size. The bigger ones were still a little gooey in the middle when the outside was a perfect golden brown.
Flip them if needed. The outside should be a deep golden brown like all but two of these.
Roll them in sugar when still hot

Coating Option: Add cinnamon to sugar and mix well. Roll donuts in this. 

Note: Fry Daddy heats oil a little too high. To make bigger (and flat) donuts, cook in a pan with oil heated to about 350°. Shape dough into the size of tennis ball and use your (oiled) palms to flatten it to about 1” thick. 


As you can see, these turned out a little too brown. I needed to reduce size of batter or lower cooking temp. They still tasted really good.