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A Fund Raising Effort for Doggie Orphans Great & Small

DONATE: Link goes to GoFundMe page.

In Okinawa, when a dog is brought to the animal control shelter, it has seven days to be claimed by its owner or rescued. After that, it is killed. Doggie Orphans Great & Small (D.O.G.S) is one of the American dog rescue agencies on Okinawa. The Okinawa Branch started in 2011, and they have rescued hundreds of dogs and found kind families to adopt them.

When a dog is pulled from the shelter, D.O.G.S. does an initial trip to the Vet for wellness checkup and care. After that, they provide the foster all supplies: shampoo food, water/food bowls, toys, towels, medications, (pee pads and diapers (when necessary). If needed they pay for the dog’s rabies shots and veterinarian care, including heart-worm treatment. One constraint to D.O.G.S. ability to rescue dogs is funds. Right now, they cannot rescue any more dogs because they are simply out of money to provide for more than they are currently helping. Some dogs stay with a foster for months and some require heart worm treatment and other expensive procedures.

For those folks who donate $10 or more, I’ll send them a copy of my Chapbook, Seven Days to Live. It begins with a fictional short story about a dog that gets sent to a kill facility. The second part is an essay. In November of 2018, my wife Mary and I toured the Okinawa Prefectural Animal Protection and Control Center (OPAPCC). Theirs is a typical process of what happens to dogs and cats after they are abandoned. OPAPCC is a kill facility, which means that if an animal brought to their facility is not claimed by its owner or taken by a pet rescue agency, then after a period of time, usually when the facility reaches capacity, the animal is euthanized. The last section covers a wondrous year in Mary’s and my life on Okinawa as temporary fosters. It was a blessing to see the dogs we fostered be adopted by kind and loving families.

Want to join me in making a difference? The money raised to benefit Doggie Orphans Great & Small Inc will help make an immediate impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to me.